The LawCrawler uses FindLaw legal code and case law databases as well as others, to retrieve information geared towards the specific needs of legal professionals.

The LawCrawler provides legal researchers with precision by enabling them to focus their searches on sites with legal information and within specific domains.

We are constantly improving the LawCrawler and appreciate any comments or suggestions on increasing it value to the user.

Search Hints

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The LawCrawler allows you to search for words or phrases connected with the Boolean operators AND, OR or NEAR (words within 10 of each other), and NOT . If you do not use a boolean operator, LawCrawler will search for the string of words in your query.

Note that if you use upper case letters, LawCrawler will be sensitive to that. However, the reverse is not true; your searches will be case insensitive if you use lower case letters.

Below are some examples:

pollution AND oil
This search finds all the documents that contain both the word pollution and the word oil .

Harvard OR Yale
This search finds all the documents that have either the word Harvard or the word Yale or both.

NOT Harvard
The search finds all the documents that do not contain the word Harvard .

Los Angeles NEAR City
This search finds all documents which have the word Los Angeles within ten of the word City .

parole evidence rule
This search finds all documents containing the phrase parole evidence rule .

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